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Having a prominent, dark pair of eyebrows is what most of us desire. But, sadly, many of us are not gifted with those. Hence, here comes the trend of brow tinting in Prahran.

Eyebrow dye is the perfect way to acquire that perfect, defined arch of eyebrow with minimal efforts. Excellent to give your face a more marked definition without the need for makeup, this extraordinary brow tinting treatment in Prahran takes only a few minutes and can last up to a month.The brow tints make your eyebrows look thicker, darker and longer and the added dark colour gives volume to the more depopulated eyebrows.

The effects of its application can last up to a week and it is also a practical alternative to look more natural if your eyebrows are sparsely populated or even to recover their natural appearance.Currently, the fashion of thin eyebrows seems to have been forgotten, the current trend calls for delineated and slightly thicker and natural eyebrows.The definition with tinting can be a solution after the eyebrows have been deformed because it gives more volume.

If  You Want to Go Natural:

If you are a fan of all natural & organic products, you can go for natural plant-based dyes like Henna, whose natural components are known to stimulate hair growth. Although, it is not recommended for oily skin since the duration tends to be shorter.

Colour Options in Brow Tinting in Prahran:

The brow tinting in Prahran takes around 15-20 minutes andthe effect lasts about 6 weeks, which is the time for hair to fall out or grow back. A more intense look will need more frequent maintenance. You can choose a colour that complements or contrasts with the colour of your hair, eyes and skin tone. Black, brown and blue are the most popular colour tones and they come in a variety of shadows. Black is classic, brown is the most natural and can always be enhanced for a special occasion with a mask. The blue is a darker bluish-black than the classic black and gives the face a little bit of drama & glam.

Procedure of Brow Tinting in Prahran:

Here, at Ibrow & Lashes, we first do a patch test at least 24 hours before to be sure there is no allergic reactiondue to the product. Moreover, if anyone wears contact lenses, we suggest them to take out their lenses before continuing with the treatment & not putting them back on until a few hours later.

To tint the eyebrows, a specialized hair dye is usually used, semi-permanent and adapted to sensitive areas. This can be washed and removed with water immediately after application if necessary. They will put cotton pads on the eyelids and apply petroleum jelly to the area around the eyebrows to avoid staining. To protect your clothes, a dressing gown or towel is often provided. If you experience any irritation, you can always use dyes made from vegetable fat instead of the standard dye and peroxide.

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