Get the Perfect Pair of Eyebrows with the Most Affordable & Simple Method of Threading!

Even though people often forget to pay special attention to the eyebrows, but voluminous and defined eyebrows can enhance the beauty of the face manifold. Moreover, a pair of perfectly arched eyebrows also emphasizes the loveliness of the eyes. But getting that particular arc in eyebrows is not easy with all the extra unwanted eyebrow hair always coming in the way. That’s when the process of threading is adopted by beauty experts to help all those women acquire that precise set of eyebrows neatly, without any concern. This method of giving shape to the eyebrows, termed as threading, is highly used in the salons of Toorak.

At Ibrow and Lashes, our specialists, Kavita and Mauli also suggest threading for shaping the brows or to remove unwanted facial hairs because it is a very natural method that does not involve the use of any type of harmful chemicals or artificial waxes.

What is threading? Let us understand it better!

Threading is a commonly used method of removing unwanted hair. With an anti-bacterial thread, all the unwanted hair from your forehead, upper lip, and chin area are very easily removed. In addition, as said earlier, threading helps to give shape to the eyebrows. 

To get rid of the facial hair or unwanted eyebrow hair, there are many hair removal methods women prefer such as waxing, laser and as such, but compared to all those high-end solutions, threading is a very convenient, safe and affordable option that is easily available in the salons of Toorak.

What materials are required to perform the task of threading in Toorak?

 A very few materials are required in threading process, which includes:

  • Disposable anti-bacterial thread
  • Talcum powder
  • Scissors and
  • Aloe Vera gel or other emollient

How is the process of threading performed?

The process of threading is a very simple one which involves only a couple of steps to get rid of all those bothersome facial hairs. The steps include:

  • At first, a piece of anti-bacterial thread between 25 and 30 cm of length is taken. Then, both the ends of the thread are joined, and a knot is tied. Now the thread is twisted four to five times to easily grab and pull the hair in between.
  • Before starting the threading, a little bit of talcum powder is sprinkled in the specific area from where the unwanted hair is to be removed. Talcum powder helps absorb excess oil from the skin. Thus, it helps prevent the yarn slippage during the spinning process.
  • Using the thread, remove the hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • After threading, apply aloe vera gel or other emollients in that area to soothe the skin.

What are the benefits of threading?

  • It is a very simple and inexpensive means to shape eyebrows.
  • It does not involve any type of harmful side-effects.
  • Use of aloe vera gel post threading ensures that the skin is soft, hydrated and soothed after threading.
  • It is a very natural procedure that does not include use of any sort of harmful chemicals.
  • It is safe for sensitive skin also.

If you have any other queries regarding threading in Toorak salon, just contact us at 03 85891194 and we will be there to help you.

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