Get the best hair removal treatment done with the help of Waxing in Kew!

Are you tired of the same old method of hair removal? Its time you try something new! WAXING!!

While, shaving and threading have been the easiest and economical ways of hair removal, it has its own share of disadvantages. Laser treatments are way expensive and cannot be afforded by all. So, waxing in Kew remains the only option which is reasonable, effective and long-lasting.

What is Waxing?

Waxing is an effective hair removal treatment which is practised since a really long time. It is a semi-permanent hair removal method which requires removing hair from the root. It gives you smoother skin and can have its effects for around two weeks. The new hair starts growing in the third week and the ideal time for the next waxing session is after a month of doing it. Unlike threading, waxing in the salons of Kew is not restricted to only a few body parts. One can undergo waxing session for legs, arms, abdomen, face, back, eyebrows, feet and bikini area. The results are effective on all the body parts and you need not worry of your body hair for the next few weeks.

What are the types of waxing methods in Kew?

Waxing is the most beneficial methods of getting rid of excess or unwanted body hair. This results in having a super smooth body ready for any occasion or beach holidays. Primarily, there are two types of waxing methods:

Hot wax-

This is the most commonly used waxing methods where the hot wax is applied to the body part that has to be waxed. The thick layer of wax is cooled in order to get it removed easily. After the wax gets harder, the hair is removed by peeling off the wax.

Soft wax-

This method requires spreading a thin layer of wax over the hair removal area. With the help of paper strip which is applied on the area, the strip will be pulled off in the opposite direction quickly. This pulling action by the hand shall remove the body hair.

What are the benefits of waxing in?

  • Long-lasting smooth and silky skin – Waxing is long-lasting amongst all the hair removal methods. It removes the hair from the root which results in the slow growth of the new hair. The growth of new hair after the waxing session differs from person to person and the skin type. This method assures you of smooth and soft skin for a longer period of time.
  • Exfoliation- Waxing not only makes your skin gentler, but it also removes the dead skin cells making your skin look fresh. It exfoliates your skin and helps remove the tan.
  • No skin damage- Waxing doesn’t cause any damage to the skin such as pigmentation, rashes, coarse hair or any allergies. It is the safest method to opt for hair removal.
  • Reduction in hair growth- With frequent sessions of waxing, the growth of your body hair reduces gradually, unlike any other methods.

If you have any query related to waxing in Kew, feel free to call us and get your appointment for waxing booked.

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